Yahya Diab, CEO at Veros Petroleum, provides an insight into the versatile oil marketing company that operates in different facets of the oil marketing sector in Ghana. These include activities such as retailing, bunkering, bulk distribution, and providing LPG and gas services.

“Veros Petroleum is an oil marketing company that covers various aspects of the oil marketing industry, including retailing, bunkering, bulk distribution, LPG and gas services, and other related sectors. We cater to retail markets with stations dispersed across Ghana, primarily in strategic regions, and continue to expand. As one of the rapidly developing companies, we take pride in our competitive pricing, exceptional services, top-notch product quality, and more. Moreover, we also provide bulk supplies to mining and construction sites. Our company was officially registered in 2020, but our journey began back in 2016 when we started as a small supply chain business, dealing with lower volumes and quantities. Over time, we have evolved into the company we are today”, says Yahya Diab.

“In the realm of oil marketing, three key factors matter most to our clients. Firstly, the quality of our products is a top priority. Secondly, the speed and availability of our product delivery are crucial. And thirdly, pricing is significant. Regarding pricing, we focus more on trading higher volumes than maximizing profits, as we believe this approach fuels rapid expansion. Our prices are very competitive in the market and offer affordability compared to other oil companies; we pride ourselves on being one of the most cost-effective options available. When it comes to product quality, we maintain stringent standards and certifications, ensuring that the fuel you receive at our stations is on par with the offerings of other prominent brands”, he adds.

Source: marcopolis.net