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  • Veros Petroleum offers extensive options for storage, transport and warehousing of both packaged and bulk petroleum.

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    Our goal as an independent energy provider is to give you the most competitve price and a first class service until your product has been safely delivered.

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Our corporate core culture and values cultivate Consistency,Commitment, Accountability,Reliability,Performance,Responsiveness,Teamwork and Creativity when serving you. We work hard and invest in market research of understanding our clients requirement and needs. Our Company and Team assures you of our heartily services and support to your demands and needs expeditiously. We are Working Relentlessly to meet and exceed your expectations. Welcome to Veros Petroleum.



About Us

Veros Petroleum Limited was incorporated on June 22, 2020, with registration number C0043439527. Veros Petroleum Company is a Registered and Certified Oil Marketing company by the National Petroleum Authority with License Number 30005044/VPL/2020P to sell and distribute petroleum and gas products to the local and foreign market. to take advantage of the increasing government efforts to attract the private sector, Veros Petroleum Ltd is an Oil Marketing Company (O.M.C) is Licensed to operate in the Oil and Gas Downstream sector to provide supplies and services in the Retailing, Bulk Supplies , Bunkering , Distribution / Transportation and Storage accommodation of Petroleum Spirits.

Veros Petroleum Limited specializes in the supply of Petroleum Spirits and fuels. We provide our clients with Reliable Clean Energy Products and Solutions and also to help them execute and run their operations without any barriers. Our company provides a world-class service with clean and dependable premium grade fuels.

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Deciding which relationships to pursue can be difficult. Especially if you’re trying to get the best.

Responsibilities To Our Communities

Our community only works when we support one another. We are honored to be a part of it whiles bringing world renowned services to their doorsteps.

Managing Director

With great perseverance, we have achieved all that we set out to in producing a quality product that people enjoy.

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Why People Choose Us

We never lose sight of what really matters: the satisfaction and success of our customers. Our products are developed with the goals and needs of the customer in mind.

To grow our position and reach as the premier integrated Oil and Gas services provider that continually meets and exceeds client expectations through the development and provision of state of the art solutions and services.

We strive to be number one and we want people to know about it. In everything that we do, we search for excellence and accept nothing but the best.

We have a uniquely global approach to business. Our management philosophy relies on drawing talent, models, and ideas from a worldwide pool.

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