Fuel Retailing

Our company dominates the retail petroleum market with the widest geographical reach, enabling us to provide affordable premium-grade fuel across nearly all regions of the country through our extensive network.


Our company provides comprehensive bunkering services to ocean-going vessels, supplying marine gas oil through onshore port, pipeline, and ship-to-ship methods, prioritizing product quality, availability, and stringent environmental, health, and safety standards.


Our Company offers tailored cut services to our clients . We offer consultancy services meeting the industry standards and the local laws . We make sure that every project we embark on meets the required standard and practices of the industry.

Bulk Distribution

Our company excels in delivering and distributing bulk petroleum nationwide, utilizing highly trained personnel and well-maintained trucks to ensure safe delivery, enabling us to handle complex projects across various industries.


Our Company works hand in hand with some of the world recognized engine lubricants brands making them available at our retail and bulk distribution channels to our clients.


Our company delivers LPG (LIQUIFIED PETROLEUM GAS ) both in retail and bulk quantities. Our skilled technical team and engineers are always assisting clients in delivering every liter/kg safely to you at our LPG plants and installations.


Our company has a dedicated team of certified engineers specialized in constructing retail fuel stations, bulk tank farms, and gas plants, adhering to international and local laws, having successfully built multiple facilities while ensuring compliance with stringent Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) standards.