About Us

About Us


About Veros Petroleum

Veros Petroleum Limited was incorporated on June 22, 2020, with registration number C0043439527. Veros Petroleum Company is a Registered and Certified Oil Marketing company by the National Petroleum Authority with License Number 30005044/VPL/2020P to sell and distribute petroleum and gas products to the local and foreign market. to take advantage of the increasing government efforts to attract the private sector, Veros Petroleum Ltd is an Oil Marketing Company (O.M.C) is Licensed to operate in the Oil and Gas Downstream sector to provide supplies and services in the Retailing, Bulk Supplies , Bunkering , Distribution / Transportation and Storage accommodation of Petroleum Spirits.

Veros Petroleum Limited specializes in the supply of Petroleum Spirits and fuels. We provide our clients with Reliable Clean Energy Products and Solutions and also to help them execute and run their operations without any barriers. Our company provides a world-class service with clean and dependable premium grade fuels.

Mission Statement

Veros Petroleum Limited mission is to be the largest leading Oil and Gas company with a unparalleled devotion to clients service and quality delivery.


Vision Statement

Veros Petroleum Limited vision is to achieve excellence in our industry and earn a reputation as the most trusted brand name and service and supply leading company globally



Action plan /Strategies

In other to achieve the above objectives in the medium term, the company among others Shall employ the following strategies:

A) Embark on an extensive advertisement of the company.

B) Engage in competent management personal with the know-how of the industry to run the affairs of the company.

C) Attract customers with incentive packages.

D) Maintain good and cordial relationship with stakeholders in the industry.

E) Continue an aggressive policy of investment, with all major investments.


Our task is to ensure that clients have access to fuel of the right quality at the right location and right movement, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 day a year.